Get Pre-approved Fast and Easy!

One of our core values at The RJ Baxter Team is speed of response.  Need an answer or pre-approval right now?  Give us a call, even on the evenings or weekends!

We will also call the listing real estate agent to solidify your offer and present you as the strongest possible buyer!

We have two types of pre-approvals; a traditional pre-approval and a Platinum pre-approval

The traditional pre-approval is how we have always done it for many years.  A comprehensive review of your loan documentation to determine if you meet the loan guidelines.  We have a detailed checklist we go through for every client to ensure we don't miss anything that may trip us up once you are under contract on your home.

Typical turn times for a pre-approval are 24 hours, but we will put your file in the fast lane if you need an answer more quickly.  

We also can submit your file to an underwriter to review your scenario if there is anything that is outside loan guidelines or that we need to have reviewed, therefore making your pre-approval even stronger.

If you submit your paperwork in advance and have time before you are going to make an offer on a home, we also offer a Platinum pre-approval.  The Platinum pre-approval is a full credit underwrite of your file, meaning that your income, assets, and credit have been fully approved by underwriting prior to finding a home.  All we need is a sales contract and property address so that we can get an appraisal and closing on your home loan.  You are as good as a cash buyer with the Platinum pre-approval!

Platinum pre-approvals are subject to underwriting turn times meaning this type of pre-approval can take 5-7 business days.

Lakewood & Denver Fast Pre-Approval Mortgage Lender

If you are looking for a fast pre-approval mortgage lender in Lakewood and Denver. Give us a call right now to get pre-approved or to get your questions answered- we are here for you!  The RJ Baxter Team:  303-670-0137 or


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