CHFA Down Payment Assistance for Home Buyers Denver Colorado

Are you looking to buy a home in the Denver Colorado area, but can’t seem to save up a down payment?

We can help! The Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), now has down payment assistance grants for home buyers anywhere in Colorado.  You can buy a home for as little as $1000 out of your own pocket!

There are two main types of down payment assistance available; Down payment grants and “silent” 2nd mortgages.

Down payment grants: Grants never have to be repaid and are available up to 4% of your mortgage loan amount. The negative of the grant is that your interest rate will be higher on your home loan.

Down payment “silent” 2nd mortgages: A silent 2nd is an additional mortgage on your home that doesn’t have a payment. Most silent 2nds also have a 0% interest rate, which is the case with a CHFA loan. The interest rate on the primary mortgage is lower with this type of assistance compared to the grant, and funds are available for up to 5% of your first mortgage amount. The silent 2nd is repaid when you one day sell your home.

Lakewood & Denver CHFA Mortgage Lender

There are some basic qualifying factors for these loans include falling under income caps. We can help you to determine how much CHFA down payment assistance you qualify for. Just give The RJ Baxter Team a call at 303-670-0137 or email us at


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