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Fairway Mortgage Loan Process

You might be wondering, "what's the loan process" for your home loan.  If you are, never fear, here are the major steps, or check out our flow chart!

Here is a summary of the major things to expect:

Step 1:  Order Appraisal

Our loan setup specialist will be ordering your appraisal once we get the contract.

Step 2:  Loan disclosures 

You will be hearing from our loan setup specialist shortly after we get started on your file.  She will be sending you the loan paperwork.  Please return the paperwork promptly and reach out to us if you have any questions.  

Step 3:  Needs list sent 

We will send out a needs list of items we need in order to update your file.  It is imperative for meeting deadlines that you return all of the paperwork on the list as well as the disclosures ASAP.

Step 4:  Processing 

Once the loan disclosures and needs list is turned in, one of our rock star processors will take over.  Her job is to prepare your file for submission to underwriting for the formal loan approval.

Step 5:  Submitted to Underwriting & Loan Approval

Our processor will submit your file to underwriting for the formal loan approval.  It is normal at this point for the underwriter to ask for a few more things, so she will be reaching out to you on what, if anything, is needed at that stage.

Step 6:  Clear to Close

Once everything the underwriter asks for is turned in, your file will be clear to close, meaning we can schedule your closing and final loan figures will go out.

Step 7:  Close & Get the Keys!

You are a home owner!

Your trusted loan officer in Lakewood and Denver Colorado. For more information on the loan process please call us today on 303-670-0137


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